5 Common Signs You Need Heating Repair

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Are you worried that your heating system will stop working at any moment? Stop the hassle by familiarizing yourself with the usual signs of a failing HVAC system. If you’re experiencing most of these indications mentioned below, call your professional heating repair in Anchorage, AK immediately!

Unusually High Electricity Bill

There are a lot of factors that contribute to a high electricity bill, especially when the chill season starts. But if you notice an astronomical increase in your energy usage and your heater seems to be working longer than it used to, you should be warned. Talk to an HVAC expert for proper solution.

Insufficient Heating

Is your home still cold no matter how you tweak the thermostat setting? This is a sign that your unit is striving to produce enough warm air. Before requesting a service, check if the unit is getting enough power. If there’s no problem with the power source but your unit still fails to deliver enough warm air, call a professional HVAC team for a thorough diagnosis and repair.


Short-cycling is when your unit repeatedly goes on and off for short periods. It means your heat exchanger is overheating, which may cause your unit to eventually break down. Short cycling uses tons of energy in its start-stop-start operation. Unless you want to risk your budget and comfort, our experts at Discount Mechanical recommend you don’t delay a professional heating repair in Anchorage, AK.

Yellow Pilot Light

If your heating system is operating properly and safely, the pilot light should be blue. Any color other than blue signifies an issue in your unit. The changing of color is usually caused by the presence of unwanted elements interfering with the operation of your heater. Call the experts right away if you notice flame discoloration in the pilot light.

Unusual Noises and Smells

Since HVAC systems are composed of complex mechanical equipment, it’s usual to hear soft sounds in their operation. However, if your heater is producing loud noises which weren’t there before, this should raise a red flag. Similarly, sharp and pungent odors coming from your unit are also a bad sign. It may be caused by excessive humidity and moisture pooling. Be sure to hire a professional HVAC team to check on your unit right away!

Don’t ignore these warning signs! Before the cold season steps in, schedule a professional heating repair in Anchorage, AK. Call Discount Mechanical at (907) 336-3100!

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