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My Furnace is Making Funny Noises. What do I do?

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“Ka-clunk, ka-clunk, ka-clunk.” It’s making that sound again. Your furnace recently became musical, and the random symphonies don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Some noises are a normal part of the operation of your furnace. How do you know if you need furnace repair? The Loud Start: Pops and Bangs Pops and bangs  … Read more

11 of the Best DIY Plumbing Fails Part 2

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Life hacks are all the rage, but sometimes they go too far. Hopefully, you’ve never seen any of these disasters, but if any of them ring a bell, you might need to give us a call. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy a good laugh.

7 Things to Look for in A Great Plumbing Company

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For most of us, we don’t think about calling a plumber until something goes wrong. Maybe it is the furnace going out in the middle of a cold winter night or the toilet backing up all over the bathroom floor. Whatever your emergency, it’s stressful to try to figure out who to call at that  … Read more