Effective Ways to Avoid Winter Plumbing Woes

By admin,

To prevent a catastrophic incident from happening this winter, Discount Mechanical has provided a list of ways to avoid plumbing woes for homeowners in Anchorage, AK.

Insulate Plumbing Pipes

As the temperature drops to zero, pipes begin to freeze and eventually burst from too much water pressure—resulting in costly repairs or replacement of the pipework. It is best to have your plumbing system insulated to prevent frozen pipes or winter issues. Contact a professional plumber for a full assessment, repairs, adjustments, and expert recommendations for the plumbing system to prevent potential pipe issues.

Install Outdoor Faucet Covers

A winter faucet cover can provide enough insulation for your outdoor faucet. Wrapping the uninstalled parts with foam is another way to protect your pipes from freezing. If all else fails, replace your outdoor faucet with a frost-free hose bib. It is an outdoor faucet designed to operate in freezing temperatures.

Fix Leaks Before It’s Too Late

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to check for possible leaks, especially before the winter. It does not matter what fixture is leaking in the house. As soon as you’re able to identify one, contact a licensed plumber. It is important to have it fixed, to prevent further damages and extra costs in repair.

Check Your Water Heater

Admit it or not; as long as there’s hot water in the shower, you probably would not care about your water heater. What most of us don’t realize is that water heaters must be checked thoroughly at least once a year to maintain it’s efficiency and safety.

Think of it as an annual maintenance visit for your water system. To make sure your hot water will not run out, or there won’t be any sediment build up in the tank that can trigger an explosion, your best move is to have it checked before the cold weather starts.

Hopefully, we have given you helpful insights and effective ways to prevent winter plumbing woes this year. If you encounter any plumbing difficulties or any emergency for your home’s comfort, always remember Discount Mechanical is here for you. Call 907.336.3100 today!