Halloween Energy-Savings Tips from the Experts

By admin,

Halloween is here! You might be thinking of creative ways to scare people out doing trick-or-treats. But has it ever crossed your mind that after successfully scaring people, you’ll be the one getting scared by high utility bills?

For your peace of mind, here are Halloween energy-saving tips from the experts:

Kill Energy Vampires

Energy vampires are energy that leaks out of your appliances and electronic devices. If you leave them plugged in or idle, they will still consume power, adding up to your energy bills. Kill those energy vampires by unplugging appliances and electronic devices after use. You may also consider switching to energy-saving mode.

Get Rid of Creatures Hiding in the Shadows

Halloween does not mean it should be dark. Consider using incandescent energy-saving light bulbs or LED lights inside your home instead of traditional lighting systems. LED lights produce warmer temperatures and generate a relatively high light output.

For exterior decoration, consider installing solar lights to banish the lurking beasts in the shadows. They are easy to install and do not need extensive maintenance. They are also a practical approach since they do not consume electricity.

Ward Off Unwanted Spirits

Defend your home from unwanted spirits and higher utility bills due to heat loss. It happens when there are leaks in your home, causing air to escape. Check your windows, doors, and ductwork for leaks and then seal them properly. You may also seek professional help for thorough insulation.

Follow these energy-saving tips, and Halloween won’t leave you with high energy bills. If you want to know more about how to avoid scary bills, contact Discount Mechanical Heating and Plumbing today.