Holiday Heating Tips For Anchorage, AK Homeowners

By admin,

Ensuring a warm and comfortable home in the winter is no easy task. With all the parties and gatherings happening during the holidays, your residential space has to stay as cozy as possible. To help you with this goal, our experts at Discount Mechanical listed these simple yet effective holiday heating tips below.

Make Dusting a Hobby— What most homeowners don’t realize is that accumulated dust can affect your HVAC system performance. If left unattended, too much dust can result in decreased system efficiency, costly repair services, or worse, untimely system replacement.

Use a microfiber cloth for dusting because it can effectively grab and hold any microscopic particles in the air while you work. The more you make dusting a hobby, the fewer dust particles will travel through your ductwork, and the healthier your indoor air becomes.

Use Ceiling Fans— In the winter, reversing the direction of the fan blades to clockwise can push down the heated air upwards. This way, you can heat your home effectively while keeping the warm air indoors.

According to studies, using ceiling fans this way can save as much as 15% of your heating bills each month. Not to mention, the electrical energy driving the fan motors which automatically turns into heat energy can help maintain a warmer temperature inside your home.

Adjust Thermostat Setting— Parties and a get together are very common during the holidays. If you are hosting an event at home, set the thermostat to a slightly cooler temperature at the scheduled time. With more people in the house, your home will eventually get warmer, so it’s okay to set your thermostat to a few degrees lower.

Schedule Inspection— If you haven’t scheduled inspection for your HVAC system, we suggest doing it now! Do it before it gets too cold, or before you get too busy during the holidays. Identify issues before they get worse and prevent costly emergency repairs.

From all of us at Discount Mechanical, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday! For all of your comfort needs and concerns in Anchorage, AK, and nearby cities, call us at (907) 336-3100.