Surprising Ways to Save Money in the Winter

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Surprising Ways to Save Money in the Winter

If you want to stay comfortable indoors, using a heating system is one of the solutions.  However, be prepared to pay for that comfort with an increase in your monthly bills.

Heating systems may use electricity, and the longer you use them, the higher your electric bills will be.

But, cheer up! No one can control the weather outside, but there are ways to ensure your home is comfortable even in the middle of the cold winter months.

Enjoy the Heat From The sun

Most of the time, we suggest keeping the curtains closed to cut costs, but in the winter, it’s best to let that beautiful sunshine inside your home. Open the curtains on the south-facing windows and allow sunlight to heat your home naturally. The sun rays will warm your house without increasing your electric bill. Don’t forget to close them at night to reduce the chill.

Seal the Leaks!

Do you feel the cold air coming into your Anchorage, AK home? You may need to improve the insulation in specific areas such as the windows and attic by sealing them or applying weather-stripping material. With the right amount of insulation, you can save as much as 20% on heating costs. Not to mention, this will help you keep the warm air in and the cold air out.

Bundle Up!

Winter is winter, and it will always be cold. But what should you do to keep yourself warm? Put a sweater or sweatshirt on and wear fuzzy slippers and socks. It won’t cost you anything to wear warmer clothes. By doing so, you can reduce the burden in your unit and stay cozy and comfortable while saving big.

Get a Professional Furnace Service

As the cold season continues, it’s a good idea to get your unit serviced once you noticed something odd. Trust your instincts instead of waiting for an issue to occur.

Make sure your heating is at its best, and it will be less likely to catch you by surprise with an emergency.

These tips are old-fashioned common sense, and it will only take a few minutes to do and maybe a few dollars to implement. However, these actions might not save you thousands but can help you save as much as possible with what you have.

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