Top 5 Fall Heater Preparation Tips

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Top 5 Fall Heater Preparation Tips

With the fall just around the corner, you’ll need your heating system to fight the cold weather. Do you think your furnace is up for the task?

If you’re unsure, Discount Mechanical has put together these top 5 fall heater preparation tips for you.

Sign Up for a Heating Tune-Up.

A professional heating tune-up provides your heating system with the service it needs for improved energy efficiency. It also prepares you for the cold months and provides better comfort in your home. Additionally, you’ll reap other benefits, such as lower heating bills, optimized system performance, less likelihood of breakdowns, safe heating system, and improved longevity.

Check if Your Thermostat is Old.

Is your thermostat too old? Maybe it’s time to replace it. That’s because old thermostats don’t always work as they should. If you still keep on using it, it might fail to properly read the temperature or even keep your heating system from efficiently running. We highly recommend upgrading to an energy-efficient programmable thermostat for better efficiency if it’s not working anymore.

Change Your Filter.

Over time, your filters get clogged with dust and other debris. The more that it is blocked, the harder it is for your heating system to heat your home correctly. If it has been months since you have changed your furnace filter, we highly suggest replacing it before turning up the heat for the first time this fall.

Get Rid of Dust and Allergens Off Your Ducts.

Did you take a look at your vents and intakes? If it’s dusty, clean it to help keep air efficiently flowing. Also, the fall is the perfect time to have your ducts cleaned. That’s because it’s significant to have clean ducts when you’re going to close your windows all season, especially if no fresh air is going to circulate.

Keep Your Vents Clear.

You’ll need to check if your vents are free from obstructions. If furniture, heavy drapes, and other clutters are blocking your floor vents or wall, your home’s airflow may be constrained. Clear vents will ensure that your heating system can evenly warm your home, keeping your family comfortable.

The cold months are a costly time for almost all homeowners. By knowing these five essential heating maintenance tips, you will avoid expensive heating repairs. You’ll also prepare your system and keep your family comfortable and warm throughout the cold months.

Are you unsure about preparing your heating system for the fall in your Anchorage, AK home? At Discount Mechanical, our professionals will handle the job for you. Talk to us today to set up a schedule.