Top 5 Fall Preventive Maintenance Tips For Your Heating System

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Top 5 Fall Preventive Maintenance Tips For Your Heating System

Have you experienced dealing with an icy-cold indoor temperature due to a failing HVAC unit? You probably don’t want it to happen again. When the long summer months are gone, it’s just right to perform preventive maintenance checks before the temperature drops.

Here are 5 things that you can do to prepare your heating system for the fall:

Clean and Replace HVAC filters

Replacing your air filter regularly is among the easiest HVAC maintenance jobs that you can do. Dirty filters obstruct the proper airflow and reduce the efficiency of your unit. Cleaning the filters every one to three months is important. But, if you fail to clean your unit for the entire summer, you need to have them replaced.

Clean the Vents

The accumulation of dust, dirt, and molds in the vents results in poor indoor air quality and compromised efficiency of your unit. Take time to vacuum the vents to get rid of these unwanted particles. If vacuum cleaning is not powerful enough, we recommend you leave the job to your local HVAC professionals in Anchorage, AK.

Consider the Age of your Unit

HVAC systems don’t last forever. If your heating system is on its last leg, you need to look for a replacement as early as today. You have ample time to do your research, ask recommendations, and find the right unit that fits your home. Compared to an older malfunctioning HVAC system, your new unit will give you better comfort and greater savings in the long run.

Check for Drafts

There are a lot of potential system stressors, and the most common are the drafts. These draft entries allow your unit to work harder in keeping the right temperature inside your room. Fixing your insulation helps remove the draft and improves the performance of your unit.

Get a Professional Inspection

Nothing will give you peace of mind than having a professional service done to your HVAC systems. An HVAC maintenance service takes care of the hard chores—from a thorough cleaning to complete system diagnosis. It’s usually done in the fall to prepare your unit for the cold season.

A preventive maintenance service can bring numerous advantages. Since it secures the efficiency of your HVAC system, expect that you’ll save a lot of money and enjoy better comfort in the days to come. Don’t be the last to experience these benefits! If you need a professional service in Anchorage, AK, feel free to call us at Discount Mechanical!  From HVAC installation to quick repair, maintenance and replacement, we go the extra miles to keep you warm and comfortable.